Contract Management

We possess a wealth of contracting expertise, particularly in the offshore environment. This expertise spans the formative stage of mapping out multi-contract frameworks with associated risk assessment or the structure of full EPC solutions with clear analysis of the underlying sub-contracting arrangements.

Whatever the selected contracting philosophy, all risks must be clearly identified and understood pre-signature with clear mitigation steps established.

Ultimately, the contracting and commercial solution has to be negotiated whether it involves us formulating contracts in tandem with the client and the selected Legal Team or the provision of tactical advice.

We can therefore assist clients with early stage contracting strategy, formulation of key commercial provisions or take a key role in the complete negotiations process.

Cape Horn

The waters around the Cape Horn are particularly hazardous, owing to strong winds, large waves, strong currents and icebergs; these dangers have made it notorious as a sailors' graveyard. For many years it was a major milestone by which sailing ships carried trade around the world.