Due Diligence

We provide bespoke Due Diligence services to equity investors, lenders and investment houses considering investing in offshore wind. Our services encompass advice on;

  • Developer’s Management Team
  • Development Programmes
  • Capital Investment Projections
  • Cash Flow
  • Contracting Strategy
  • Contractor Capability
  • Risk Profile

Beyond the Due Diligence phase, we can remain on board as the ongoing advisor providing a key link between the Stakeholder and the Developer. This provides a strong and reliable link to the project’s progress throughout all phases whether during consenting, development planning or construction. Such involvement would typically include monitoring / approving draw-down of funds, monthly reporting and advising on projected risks.

Commonwealth Bay

In Commonwealth Bay, along the coast of Antarctica, winds sometimes reach speeds of 200mph, making it the windiest spot on earth! This katabatic wind is formed by the denser heavier air atop the ice shelf flowing down the slope. At zero degrees the wind chill factor, created by winds of just 50 miles per hour, would feel like minus 56 degrees.