Project Management

We pride ourselves in providing a range of developed specialisms in Project Management. All too often, organisations race into a project with an inadequately structured project management framework and a lack of "front end" planning. These core issues are very relevant irrespective of the project size, nature, duration and objectives.

Clear project identity, management, resourcing and the utilisation of relevant business tools combined with strong and disciplined execution will produce the desired result. Successful project management is not just about implementing a project plan as it must start at the high level with a clear goals linked to the overall business strategy and with specific deliverables at each key "stage gate" being clearly mapped out.

We can help clients formulate and structure the entire project or be a fully integrated part of driving the project from inception through to delivery and subsequent post appraisal.

El Azizia

On 13 September 1922, a high temperature of 57.7° C (136° F) was recorded in El Azizia, which is the highest temperature ever measured on Earth. However, the title for hottest place on Earth belongs to Dallol, Ethiopia where the mean temperature runs at 34.4° C (94° F).